• CBBC & CBeebies Presentation, Dodge the Dog (Feb 10 – present)

BBC Television for the CBBC and CBeebies Channels Performer of cockney Dodge the Dog (half-brother of Hacker the Dog) and lots of recurring and one off characters. Dodge debuted March 30 2010. Live afternoon, morning and weekend content for CBBC presentation. • Performed for and met The Queen, Sumer 2012 • Manchester Christmas lights switch-on, Winter 2012 […]


• ‘Sesame Street’ (Season 48, 2017)

Muppet performer of Gonger the chef for Season 48 of Sesame Street. Taped in New York City. Created segment for season 48.


• ‘The Furchester Hotel’ (May 2016 – Aug 2016)

Puppeteer of Gonger the chef and various hotel guest characters on Sesame Workshop/CBeebies coproduction.


• ‘HackerTime 6′ (May 2016)

Doubled up for Hacker, Herman, Wilf and Lolly and performed assorted characters for series six.


• ‘All Over the Work Place’ (January 2016)

Performed Dodge the Dog interviewing  author/comedian Charlie Higson, Proffesor Robert Winston, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Stella the Police Dog.


• ‘All Over the Place: EUROPE Part 2′ (September 2015)

Performed Dodge the Dog on location in Krakow, Poland and in skecthes recorded in Glasgow, Scotland.


• ‘Get Well Soon: HOSPITAL’ (September 2015)

Performed Jobi for second series of CBeebies medical show with Dr Ranj. Also performed for App.


• ‘Hacker’s 30th Birthday Bash’ (September 2015)

Performed Dodge the Dog, Oucho the Cactus and Gordon the Gopher for 30th Anniversary retrospective.


• ‘GORDON’ pilot (June 2015)

Puppeteer of Gordon the Gopher on BBC Comedy pilot.


• ‘Spot Bots’ (July 2015)

Puppeteer on CBeebies series.


• ‘Hacker & Dodge BARKSTAGE AT THE VOICE UK’ (January 2015)

Perform Dodge the Dog in a series that goes behind the scenes of ‘The Voice’. Dodge gets to know Will.I.Am, Rita Ora, Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson.


• ‘All Over the Place: EUROPE Part 1′ (September 2014)

Performed Dodge the Dog in sketches in Glasgow, Scotland.


• ‘The Furchester Hotel’ (January 2014 – May 2014)

Puppeteer on Sesame Workshop/CBeebies coproduction.


• ‘That Puppet Game Show’ (June 2013)

Jim Henson Company and BBC series, commissioned after the ‘Games Inc’ pilot. Plus Puppet kit hire to production and promotional appearances.


• ‘MUPPETS MOST WANTED’ (Jan – Apr 2013)

Core Puppeteer on ‘MUPPETS MOST WANTED’, The Muppets 2014 feature film starring Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey.


• Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby in the UK (Aug 2012)

Assisted Leslie Carrara-Rudolph with Abby Cadabby on their visit to the UK.


• Get Well Soon (June 2012)

Performed main character for CBeebies and Kindle Entertainment series ‘Get Well Soon’.


• Jim Henson’s ‘Games Inc’ (June 2012)

BBC1 and The Jim Henson Company pilot. Performed puppets in the opening titles and assistant puppeteer on pilot.


• ‘Hacker and Dodge’s PUPSTARS’ online game

BAFTA NOMINATED 16th Annual Webby Awards Official Honoree


• The Muppets on the X Factor (NOV 2011)

Assisted Muppet performer Eric Jacobson with Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear for their weekend in the UK. Performed Animal dancing (with Eric performing Piggy) for Olly Murs’ tour. Assisted for PR/Promotional shoot, musical number on the X Factor.


• Sesame Street ‘ElmOlympian’ video (Sept 2011)

Assistant Puppeteer to Kevin Clash performer of Elmo from Sesame Street on a Sesame Street viral video. Working with Kevin Clash and Nigel Plaskitt.


• Sesame Street’s Elmo at MILKSHAKE (Sept 2011)

Assisted Sesame Street’s Elmo and performer Kevin Clash for their week in the UK. We spent the week at Channel 5′s live morning slot ‘MILKSHAKE’. Performed live hands and rod hands for instrument playing and dance routines.


• BBC Comedy Proms (Aug 2011)

Performed a live musical number from the MONGRELS TV series infront of an audience of 4,000 at London’s Royal Albert Hall.


• Mongrels 2 (April – July 2011)

BBC3, 9 x 30 minute episodes Performing Marion the cat and various other dogs, cats, birds and rodents.


• Hacker Time (2011)

CBBC, 13 x 30 minute episodes Performed Dodge the dog, Lolly the stage hand, a Flea and various other characters.


• Coram Charity (2010)

Created five films with three characters; Harold the giraffe, Kiki the kangaroo and Derek the penguin teaching friendship and relationships for the ‘CORAM Life Education’ charity.


• Sesame Street’s Elmo in the UK (June 2010)

Channel 5, MILKSHAKE live presentation

Assistant to Kevin Clash performing Elmo of Sesame Street


• ITV This Morning, Gordon the Gopher (Sept 10)

ITV This Morning and CBBC Channel Performed Gordon the Gopher for the 25th Anniversary of Childrens BBC. Live performance on ITV”s This Morning with Philip Schofield, Holly Wiloughby, Barbra Windsor and Coleen Nolan and on the CBBC Channel with Zoe Ball and Toby Anstis.


• Roy Carpet, the Red Carpet Nuisance (2010)

Performs northern nuisance Roy Carpet as he tries to attend top movie premieres. casino francais en ligne


• Flea TV (Mar 10)

CBBC, pilot Performs one half of presenter double flea act.


• Mongrels 1 (Nov 09– Feb 10)

BBC3, 8 x 30 minute episodes Available to download on iTunes: click here Performing second lead, Marion the cat and various other dogs, cats and rodents. Also featured in a Behind the Scenes documentary.


• Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 2 (Aug 09 – Nov 09)

BBC2, 13 x 30 minute episodes
Performs Oucho the Cactus for science series. Shot on location all over the UK.
Coordinated all puppet tricks and special effects. Developed show and scripts.


• Transmission Impossible with Ed and Oucho (May 09 – Aug 09)

BBC2, 26 x 1:30 minute episodes
Ed Petrie and Oucho present BBC2’s flagship live weekend show.
Designed and performs Kaptain Krazey, Bob Termite, Nelson Pigeon, and Killer Hamster.
Coordinated all puppet tricks and special effects. Developed show.


• Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 1 (Aug 08 – Nov 08)

BBC2, 13 x 30 minute episodes
Performs Oucho the Cactus for science series. Shot on location all over the UK.
Coordinated all puppet tricks and special effects. Developed show.


• CBBC Presentation, Ed and Oucho (Aug 07 – Present)

BBC Television for the CBBC Channel
Performing main character Oucho the Cactus with Ed Petrie, live every weekday afternoon. Also includes performing a variety of voiceovers. Recurring puppet characters that I have designed include a Killer Hamster, Elderly Alien, Turkey Chef and an assortment of Cacti.


• Carrie and David’s Popshop (July 2007)

CBeebies Scotland,  3 x 30 minute episodes
Assistant to Dave Chapman on three episodes:
‘Fly Away’, ‘Safari’, ‘No Longer Grumpy’


• Space Pirates (Mar 07 – Jul 07)

CBeebies London, 30 x 30 minute episodes
Assistant to Sarah Burgess on Brassy the piano playing rat on all 30 episodes.
Bafta nominated for best Pre-School Live Action. Nominated for a Banff world television award.