CBBC & CBeebies Presentation, Dodge the Dog



Performer of cockney Dodge the Dog (half-brother of Hacker the Dog) and lots of recurring and one off characters. Dodge debuted March 30 2010.
Live and pre recorded afternoon, morning and weekend content for CBBC and CBeebies presentation.

• Performed for and met The Queen, Summer 2012
• Manchester Christmas lights switch-on, Winter 2012
• Blue Peter (guest interviewer of Selena Gomez)
• Hacker Time (guest)
• Pet School (guest)
• The Dog Ate My Homework (guest)
• Comic Relief (guest in Celebrity Choir and VT”s with Sue Barker & BBC News)
• CBBC Wimbledon visit VT
• “Aladdin” Pantomime 2011 with Ted Robbins
• CBeebies Pantomime 2012
• Multiple behind-the-scenes and location shoots
• Hosted CBBC Live in Leeds (2013)
• Hosted CBBC Live in Newcastle Gateshead (2014)

• Hosted CBBC Live nd Digital in Hull (2015)

• Appeared in ‘All Over the Place’ on location in Poland and Glasgow